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Gorky Automobile Plant was based in 1932. The plant has produced a great amount of cars; some of them were produced in a single copy. That`s why to save all these cars directors decided to build the museum.

It was opened on the 10 of October in 1965. The museum is situated on 2 floors: there are exhibits on the second floor, which can tell you the history of the museum and show it`s awards; the exhibition named «The cars and its creators» is on the first floor. On this exhibition you will be introduced to the collection of «GAZ» cars and presents to the plant. The collection of the plant includes 29 rare cars.


ул. Варварская, д.27/8 оф.22 (2 этаж)

ул. Советская, д.12 (Marins Park Hotel, 1 этаж)

ул. Веденяпина, д.2Б (ТЦ "Парк Авеню" 4 этаж)