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It`s not necessary to be a professional pilot to experience the flight on super speed, to see the Earth from dizzy height and the darkness space above.

Our company can offer you a great opportunity to have a flight on modern supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 with performance of higher aerobatics.

MiG- 29 was created in 1980, it opened a new era in development of jet fights. It became the first jet fighter, of such class, in the world.

You have a wonderful chance to become a co-pilot and to perform an unforgettable dream- flight.

The plant «Sokol» in Nizhny Novgorod- is the only place in the world, where you can fly on MiG-29. You can`t lose such opportunity! Test pilots of the Sokol Aircraft Plant have had hundreds of flights.


ул. Варварская, д.27/8 оф.22 (2 этаж)

ул. Советская, д.12 (Marins Park Hotel, 1 этаж)

ул. Веденяпина, д.2Б (ТЦ "Парк Авеню" 4 этаж)