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Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan

Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan.

The 1st day.

Arrival to the Moscow airport. Meeting with the guide at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Rest.

The 2nd day.

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out of the hotel.

09:00 Meeting with the guide in the main hall of the hotel.

10:00 Walking tour along Red Square and Alexander garden with making a visit to the mausoleum of the proletariats` leader – V. I. Lenin (the Mausoleum is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm ). Tourists will appear in the heart of Russia in Red Square – Victory Square, Revolution Square, Alexander garden. Sights: the Eternal flame and the tomb of the Unknown soldier changing of the guard of honor, Alley of cities - heroes and cities of military glory, Romanovsky obelisk, the monument to Patriarch Hermogenes, the monument to Alexander I, the Monument to Marshal of the Victory Georgy Zhukov, hotels "Moscow" and "National", Manezhnaya square and the river of Neglinka, the Historical Museum and Resurrection Gate, GUM and the Kazan Cathedral, Spasskaya tower, St. Basil's Cathedral and Vasilevsky descent.

The duration of the tour - an hour and a half.

11:30 Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin. "The Kremlin + one Cathedral": Ivan the Great bell tower, the Tsar-bell, the Tsar-Cannon, Grand Kremlin Palace, the Cathedral square, the Assumption Cathedral ,The Cathedral of the Archangel , The Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Patriarch's Palace.

The duration of the tour - an hour and a half.

13:00 Excursion to "Lenin's study and private apartment". The Museum "Lenin's study and private apartment" has a dramatic destiny. Was opened in 1955, it was one of Lenin's most visited museums. Located in the Kremlin Senate, it was built in the second half of the XVIII century by Russian architect Matvey Kazakov. The Museum was located near the Soviet Union`s Government department, which created specific conditions for its visit. However, until the beginning of 1990-ies it was visited by over two million people.

14:30 Lunch at the restaurant.

15:30 Moscow city tour. During this tour, tourists will see: Three Station Square - railway gates of Moscow, Seven Sisters (Stalin's skyscrapers), Lubyanka square and the building of the FSB, the Kremlin from all sides, Bolotnaya Square, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Novodevichy convent, Auto-metro bridge, Sparrow Hills, Mosfilm, Poklonnaya hill, Triumphal Arch, Business center "Moscow-city", Kutuzovsky Avenue, the Russian government building in Moscow, Tverskaya street and monument to the founder of Moscow –Yuri Dolgoruky, Manezh square, the Bolshoi theatre.

The duration of the tour - 3 hours.

18:30 Walking along the Arbat Street. Arbat is linked to the fate of hundreds of famous people who made a huge contribution to the development of the capital of our country and Russia in whole. Here lived politicians and public figures, writers, and actors. Arbat is linked to the fate of many literary characters from the works of domestic authors.

19:30 Free time for shopping in Gum.

21:00 Returning to the hotel. Free time.

The 3rd day.

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out of the hotel.

8:00 Meeting with the guide in the main hall of the hotel. Boarding on the bus with luggage. Transfer to the railway station.

9:30 Going from Moscow to Vladimir by a train in open carriages. (Tickets included in the tour price).

11:30 Arrival to Vladimir. Going to Suzdal (36 km).

12:00 A sightseeing walking and bus tour across Suzdal with visiting the main sights:

The Museum of wooden architecture. Today preserved expositions, which shows life in families of different social classes, before and after the abolition of serfdom in 1861.

Wax museum. You will see a lot of figures of famous people: Stalin, Lenin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler, etc. You can take a picture with them.

The Spaso-Evfimiev Cloister.

The convent of the Intercession - this convent was founded in the 14th century. This convent was the place of imprisonment of the tsars’ and emperors’ wives. Vasil III, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great and many other famous people sent their wives to this convent.

The approximate time of the tour - 2 hours.

14:00 Lunch at the cafe of Suzdal.

15:00 Going to Vladimir.

15:30 Walking-bus tour around Vladimir with sightseeing.

The Golden Gate – the symbol of Vladimir

The Assumption Cathedral – this cathedral used to be the main Russian cathedral more than 100 years. Many of the Russian monarchs were crowned there. The Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir was the pattern for the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow.

The Cathedral of Saint Demetrius – it is decorated with more than 500 white-stone carved reliefs.

16:30 A visit to the Museum "Baba Yaga". No sooner you cross the threshold of the Museum, than immediately find yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Master-class at the Forge of Borodin. Art Creative Workshop hereditary masters, turned the art of blacksmithing in preserving people's artistic forging of the Vladimir-Suzdal.

18:00 Visiting the "Museum of Gingerbread." This museum – is a unique place, the appearance of it was associated with the establishment of Production souvenir gingerbread recipes from the Alexander II times. The card of the museum is a master class in the art of painting printed gingerbread. The final part of the program – is a tea party.

19:00 Accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Rest.

The 4th day.

7.00 Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out from the hotel.

8:00 Meeting with the guide in the main hall of the hotel. Boarding on the bus with luggage. Transfer to the railway station.

Going from Vladimir to Nizhny Novgorod by a train in open carriages. (Tickets included in the tour price).

10:30 Arrival to Nizhny Novgorod.

Sightseeing tour around the city. During the tour, you will see one of the most ancient and beautiful towns. You will see a place of the confluence of the two great rivers - Volga and Oka. The confluence is called Arrow. Nizhniy Novgorod is known as the capital of Suzdal - Nizhny Novgorod Principality, the birthplace of the people's militia in 1612, the merchant capital, the symbol of which remains the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. Near the Fair you will see the monumental Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to admire the merchant houses, apartment houses at the Rozhdestvenskaya street, Nizhnevolzhskaya Naberezhnaya, to see the famous square and monuments to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky, Gorky, V. Chkalov.

13:30 Lunch at the Russian traditions (borsch, pork with vegetables, boiled potatoes with verdure, salad, Russian pancakes, green/black tea, vodka, salted herring).

14:30 The tour across the rope way with handing in the certificates. The rope way connects the two banks of the Volga river - the highest and longest in Europe. The trip on air, 3.6 km above the river beautiful and almost not scary.

15:30 Visiting the interactive program "Shchelkovsky Khutor" at the Museum of history and ethnography. Earlier this district was called Makhotinskiy Khutor, and here was the farm built by the chief of police by Makhotin in 1850-ies. Forest Park "Shelokovsky Khutor" allocated to create a unique architectural ensemble under the open sky 32 hectares of land. For several years, were brought here unique historical buildings from all over Nizhny Novgorod region. Each building was carefully disassembled, moved, restored and reassembled at the new location. Today you can observe a whole village: houses, outbuildings, barns, churches and mills. In many monuments of Russian architecture recreated interiors give an idea of how our ancestors lived. Theme or a brief tour with the addition of game parts based on folk traditions.

18:30 Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

The 5th day.

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out of the hotel.

9:00 Meeting with the guide in the main hall of the hotel. Boarding on the bus with luggage.

9:30 The Gorky Museum "The House of Kashirin". The House of Kashirin in Nizhny Novgorod called the Museum of childhood of Maxim Gorky: in this small log house lived grandfather and grandmother of the famous writer. Alyosha Peshkov held in the house only a few months, and he was four year old. The writer never came back here, but he mentioned this house in his novel "Childhood". The house was made into Museum in 1933.

11:30 Museum "Apartment of Maxim Gorky". The Museum is a house located in Semashko street, in which the writer rented an apartment in 1902-1904. Only 2 years - but during this time the apartment became the center of social and cultural life of the city. Family of Maxim Gorky rented the whole second floor of a house consisting of 10 rooms: a large dining room, a butlers pantry, a children's room, a home dining room, a study of M.Gorky, a study of E. P. Peshkova, a guest room, a room of M. A. Volzhina, the first guest room, a bedroom, the first guest room of Feodor Chaliapin. In 1903, 17 August-7 September, there lived Feodor Chaliapin. Gorky and Chaliapin met in 1900, the acquaintance grew into friendship. Their fates have much in common. Immigrants from lower social strata, they went one way – through the poverty, deprivation, hardship to the highest peaks of world culture.

13:30 Lunch at the city restaurant.

14:30 Walking along the Verkhnevolzhskaya Naberezhnaya with a visit to the Museum "The Estate of Rukavishnikov". The Museum building is a Royal Palace both outside and inside. The frontage of the Museum is decorated with angels and caryatids. The magnificent forged-iron grille gate leading to the courtyard of the building. Inside you can admire the Grand staircase, the ball-room, the decor of the ceiling and walls...

15:30 You can visit:

Museum of the history of arts and crafts. The Museum presents: exquisite tableware; bright products with a picture of folk life; toys and household wooden objects.

Master class on painting nesting dolls.


A visit to the Museum of the Gorky Automobile Plant. The museum is located on two floors Automobile Training Center. The second - the exhibition "History and Development of the plant", on the ground - the stationary exhibition "Cars and their creators." The museum has a unique collection of cars.

17:30 Walking tour on the B. Pokrovskaya Street. To make a walk on the B.Pokrovskaya Street – how can you deny yourself that pleasure? For more than two hundred years people come here, to see others and to be seen, to listen to street musicians, to make a wish at the bronze happy Goat, to admire the historic buildings and at the same time to buy gifts for themselves and all family members in a unique center of "Artistic craft".

Free time for shopping in the city center.

20:00 Transfer to the railway station.

21:25 Going from Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan by a train in open carriages. (Tickets included in the tour price).

The 6th day.

6:00 Arrival to Kazan.

06:30 Breakfast at the city cafe. Meeting with the guide.

7:30 Departure to the island-town Sviyazhsk (65km). Sviyazhsk – is a historical and cultural gem of the Republic of Tatarstan. Fortress, built during the reign of Ivan the Terrible at the confluence of the Volga and Sviyaga, he served as a military outpost in the Volga region and the place of training military units to march on impregnable Kazan. When Alexander Pushkin had seen the Sviyazhsk city, he came to the indescribable delight. It turned out that the poet imagined a fabulous city on the island of Buyan just like Sviyazhsk.

8:30 Excursion to Sviyazhsk. Overview of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Church of St. Constantine and Helena kings.

A visit to the complex "Lazy Torzhok". Visitors will have an opportunity to become witnesses and participants at knightly battles and fights. They will get acquainted with weapons: armor, weapons and costumes of different eras and regions will have the skills possession of small arms. The tavern in the open air "Ivan," you can eat popular national food cooked over a campfire. On the territory of "Lazy Torzhok" you can buy souvenirs and see the works of craftsmen. Each participant will be able to try yourself as a craftsman and make a souvenir.

12:00 Raifa Cloister. Located in the protected forest, on the banks of the beautiful forest lake. The cloister was founded in the 17th century. Its architectural ensemble - one of the most magnificent in the middle Volga region was formed over the centuries. The cloister has a holy spring.

"Temple of all religions." All religions of the world are united. They all lead to the light and goodness. The complex combines 16 World religions (including extinct religions).

14:00 Lunch at the cafe.

15:00 Go to Kazan.

16:00 Sightseeing tour of Kazan with seeing of the main attractions:

The Kazan Kremlin. Here you will see the most beautiful mosque Kul-Sharif, the Leaning Tower occupying the angle of the "fall" in third place in the world, as well as the burial place of Kazan khans. You will visit the Mother of God Monastery, is inextricably linked with the acquisition of and reverence in Russia miraculous Kazan icon of the Mother of God; You will hear the story about the mysteries of Lake Kaban; will get acquainted with the Old Tatar Sloboda and modern complex "Native village", mosques and churches, you will see the highest bridge in Kazan - Millennium Bridge also. In addition, you can see the "Kazan after Universiade" with a tour of the new sports facilities (the Universiade Village, the palace of water sports, and "KAZANARENA" stadium).

Visit Ferris Wheels "Around the World" (height 65m).

19:00 Walking tour on the Bowman Street. This wide street the same age as the Kazan Kremlin. It has everything from the cafes and boutiques to beautiful historical monuments. You will see the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Epiphany, Chaliapin monument, the National Bank, which before the revolution kept the gold reserves of the Russian Empire, a copy of the carriage of Catherine II, a monument to the Kazan Cat and more. Free time.

21:00 Going to the Kazan railway station.

21:57 Going from Kazan to Moscow by a train in open carriages. (Tickets included in the tour price).

The 7th day.

09:30 Arrival to Moscow. Transfer by Aeroexpress train to the Moscow airport (Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo). (Tickets for the Aeroexpress train included in the tour price)

The price per person, in rubles.


For 10 person


For 15 person


For 20 person


For 30 person group

For 40 person group

Hotel 3*






The price includes:

  • Railway tickets (Moscow-Vladimir-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan-Moscow);

  • Tickets to the Aeroexpress train to the airport in Moscow;

  • Transfer: tour bus;

  • Hotel accommodation in rooms with private facilities 4 nights (2 nights in Moscow, 1 night in Vladimir, 1 night in Nizhny Novgorod);

  • Meals: 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches;

  • Excursion service with the guide;

  • Entrance tickets to all museums according to the program;

  • Interactive programmes.

Not included:

  • Tickets from your country to Russia and back;

  • Dinners (approximate cost of 1 dinner - 600 rubles).

Attention! The travel company reserves the right to substitute tours and their order, without reducing the total volume of the excursion program.

The travel company is unable to influence the situation on the roads (traffic jams, road works) which can lead to deviations in the route at the time.

The program can be changed according to your wishes.


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